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Escalator Safety Brush Features:
1.Double row, Single row, many models.
2.Brush filament: PA,PE,PP,PET,animal hair
*Friction≥1 million times, no deformation
*Soft and flexible.
*UL94 flame-retardant.
*A17, EN115, B44 certification
*Coloer: Black or on request
*Bristle Shape: Straight , Crimped
*ROHS/SVHC Environment friendly.
3.Cutting,Bending, drilling processing.
4.Escalator Angle: 6°  12°  30°  35°
5. Brush Base Material: Electrolyze,Galvanize
6.Application:  Dust-proof, Cleaning, Safety protection
7.MOQ:100 Meters
8.Standard Models: D05,D08,D16,D18,D19,D20,D21,D22
9.Customizing the products based on the unique request of your escalators,from Length, Angles to R, even holes distribution.
10. Brand Customer: ThyssenKrupp, OTIS,MITSUBISHI, CNIM,KONE


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