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16-05-18 4 Hits PLYWOOD REELS OR DRUMS JK Packaging plywood reels are intended for non-returnable, lightweight packaging for put-ups of wire, cable, rope, tape and chain products. Plywood reels are a versatile packaging medium. From the high quality of hardwood plywood to a more economical option of softwood plywood we can design a reel to meet your specific cubic and carrying capacity. This material can be used to wrap insulated wire and cable, cordage products, ferrous wire, chain, and other materials. FLANGE MATERIALS FOR OUR PLYWOOD REELS Hardwood Plywood Reels (HP) • For the highest quality, strength, appearance and durability, this material surpasses all others. • Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,18mm, 25mm, 1 1/4 inch, 1 1/2 inch. • Diameter: Routinely available in sizes from 4 inch to 60 inch. • Weight Capacity: Depending on flange thickness, the weight capacity of this product ranges from 5 to 2,000 pounds. • Reelply, a hardboard-clad plywood, is another material option for flanges. Softwood Plywood Reels (SW) • Another option and offers savings as an alternative to hardwood plywood reels. • Thickness: 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ (others as requested), • Diameter: Routinely available in sizes from 4 inch to 48 inch. • Weight Capacity: Depending on flange thickness, the weight capacity of this product ranges from 5 to 800 pounds. BARRELS • Paper Tubes – The usual component in our plywood reels; however, if additional strength is recommended, we offer the plywood barrel. • Plywood Barrels – Ensure the extra strength demanded by added weight capacity. • Wood Stave Barrels – Can be molded for diameters of 8″ and larger. IDEAL FOR: • Commercial and industrial building • Telecommunications (wired, wireless, satellite and CATV) • Power transmission, control and distribution • Infrastructures (wire rope, cable and conduit) • Elevator cables 


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