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shanghai yuao refrigeration equipment co., ltd  are Chinese havc manufacture of air conditioner , dc air conditioner , chiller , water chiller , heat pump water heater , ptac , ice maker machine , air cooler , water cooling ,water heater , cooling tower , air water maker , solar water pump,car air conditioner , cabinet air conditioner , movable air condioner,industrial air conditioner,cooling unit,solar thermal air conditioner,screw chiller, scroll chiller,48vdc air conditioner, 12vdc air conditioner , 24vdc air conditioner, atmospheric water generator,elveator air conditioner,package terminal air conditioner , heat exchager,co2 heat pump , R744 unit , air purifier machine , ice maker , mortuarry refrigerator,medical freezer, solar freezer , blood freezer,corpse refrigerator,grren house air conditioner,HVAC , spot air conditioner , commerical air conditioner,solar refrigerator,fridge.telcom cabinet air conditioner , battery bank air conditioner , LCD display air conditioner, swimming pool system. air hand unit,dehumidifier.
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